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Design and Planning

Design and Planning
We love a challenge and are delighted to work with clients who enjoy doing things differently. We have all done the expected and traditional. We should cherish the moment and make the all this investment last a lifetime memory. We have done all types of events, to give you an example, at our venue on the country side, we have set a glamping full set of tends for the guests to stay in and have a full night under the starts.
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Rose de Lini├Ęre

For 15 years Rose has been designing some of the most dreamy bouquets. Born in Paris, France, Rose moved to Lisbon in 2014 and since then has been workng exclusively with us to translate our vision into reality.

You set the mood, we create
Every event is a new opportunity to create something magical and unique. Whether we're designing for a beachside, country-side chic wedding or romantic or regal one, we love every challenge. With the help of our in-house flower designer, Rose, we can ensure the mood is set through every flower arrangement.