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Portugal Destination Wedding

Portugal Destination Wedding
Dubbed as Europe's best kept secret, Portugal is on everyone's travel list. When it comes to getting married in Europe, Portugal offers diverse experiences, scenery, and style for a perfect getaway wedding. Vogue, Conde Nast Traveler, Daily Mail, Forbes, and Monocle have all fallen in love with Portugal so it's no wonder it has become a luxury destination wedding. Lisbon glows! It's a photographer's haven that, according to Vogue, ``blends so thoughtfully the old and new so that classicists can still lose themselves in the history and neophytes can easily craft an entirely different visit``.
Getting married in Lisbon means you are just 40 minutes from the fairy tale land of castles and palaces, pristine beaches, lush vineyards and scenic, rural heartland of Alentejo. And best of all - our portfolio of wedding venues are located in the city, countryside, palaces in Lisbon and neighbouring regions as well as stunning beach stretches along Cascais. There are many choices of places to get married in Portugal!
We are event designers with specialties on curating the most unique and memorable experiences with a focus as destination wedding planners. Whether you are planning a wedding abroad or milestone event, we help our clients plan their perfect trip to Portugal. Our team is here to help you stay in style and to explore Lisbon's trendiest restaurants, buzzy cocktail lounges and bespoke shopping boutiques.
So shake things up! Let us help you choose a destination wedding for your guests to remember for a lifetime!