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Our story is not a short one, but then again neither is our history. The tale begins where our heart is still very much located, in the Lisbon region and our timeless and beautiful countryside estate Agolada. In 2001, founder Branca Franqueira opened the farm to guests and began welcoming people into both home and heart, creating dazzling weddings, and a variety of unique celebrations. Later in 2010, a new location entered the dynamic. The now ever in demand LX factory, the warehouse has since become the ideal venue for a canvas of creativity, and an urban space for wedding and event design, inspiring individuality and imagination for couples and the like.
From here a brand had emerged under LOVEXL and the established company became a force in both Portugal and Lisbon’s event spheres. 2016 saw a development for the company as Portugal became increasingly recognized as a more than deserving destination for weddings, The VOWS was created offering culture, style and innovation to couples with wanderlust and adventure. Since 2018 the companies base has been in Lisbon’s urban LX office operating under the title of VOWS, today the young, multicultural and creative teamwork alongside Branca’s everlasting passion to create inspiring dreams in Portugal like no other for both natives and travellers alike: creative thinkers, planners & designers, unique floristry artists, photographers, filmmakers, entertainers, catering & transport professionals.
Let us show you Lisbon and let us show you love.


Meet Lisbon’s finest Wedding and Event planners

Branca Franqueira
Founder, Branca Franqueira
Director of operations, Branca, mother of four, has a degree in Philosophy from Universidade Clássica de Lisboa. With a hospitality legacy expanding over 15 years, Branca begins as an entrepreneur launching 2 boutique hotels and a restaurant in the Algarve.
The move to Coruche, just a short distance from Lisbon saw the beginning of Vow’s heritage, where she started planning and organizing weddings, family parties, and corporate events at Agolada de Cima, a state manor house in the same family for generations. In 2006, she founded VOWS and later moved to Lisboa, at LX Factory. Since then, the brand has evolved as a core company in line with the international market of Destination Weddings. Today, Branca is responsible for bringing & maintaining an established uniqueness to the brand.
Dorothee Croiger
Dorothee Croiger
Dorothée Croiger, our head of events brings a natural freshness to the team. Dorothée is Parisian born with Portuguese & French lineage, truly representing both culture and style. Now very much a Lisbon native, with genuine knowledge of both event design and Lisbon itself.  Dorothées core philosophy lies with her passion to share the most magic of Lisbon’s secrets with you.
“I am here to help you explore our city, and guide you through its most intimate secrets. Organizing together a unique moment. With over 10 years experience in event orchestration and project management, I know how to refine storytelling with your personality”.
Margarida Blanc
Margarida Blanc Castro
Margarida has a four year residency with us at VOWS, an event architect and talented visualist. Margarida´s passion lies with her sharp, charming and witty nature. Always bringing energy and authenticity to every element of design and life.
A lifestyle enthusiasist, Margarida´s sincerity is evident in her determined aura, a mother of two beautiful baby girls, a family rooted soul. Margarida´s unwavering personality never fails to deliver, and catch her on a surfboard down the beach, she´s even cooler than she sounds.
Rita Pais
Rita Pais
Rita is everyones hero, she’s everywhere, even when she’s nowhere. Rita is a problem solver, a fixer and the most beautifully organised soul to touch lives. She is the support network of not only the team, but your dreams and visions too. Rita is the special glue that holds our wonderful family together. She brings brightness and honesty to every situation, she’s the planner you will always cherish. Rita loves tulips, her German shepherd and adventures in the sunshine.
Roseline Linière
Roselyne Ouvrard de Linière
Flower designer, and our lifelong friend Rose is truly one of a kind. Born & educated in Paris, Rose graduated in History of Art from Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Gestion. Her passion & delicate expertise expands over two decades. She began her profession here in Lisbon, as a key contributor for the renowned boutique of  Christophe Guidici at Atmosphère, recognised for their innovation and elegance within the design industry. Today, Rose resides rewilding her craft in the green lands of Santarém, where she finds inspiration in the beauty of the surrounding rural landscapes. We are honoured to have Roselyne collaborating with VOWS across our events production.
Maria Judice
Maria Júdice, London’s Brand Ambassador
Raised in a family of hospitality entrepreneurs, Maria has noticed that travellers are becoming more discerning and looking to discover the city’s hidden gems that usually unnoticed by outsiders. Maria knows that Lisbon is more than a destination – it’s an experience to be lived from many different perspectives – social, cultural, historical, monumental, etc. The flavours, the “tasquinhas”, the night life, the sea, and the heart of Lisbon, are all that she has to give to those who are looking to explore the best places of the city.
Maria has been living in London for the past two years, working in Global Communications at Mulberry while being VOWS’s Ambassador since January 2018. From Lisbonner to Londoner, Maria can curate a unique itinerary for pre and post event festivities that your guests will enjoy.