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The Holistic Brides Top Ten Wellness Tips

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The Holistic Brides Top Ten Wellness Tips

We know how stressful it can be for brides leading up to the big day, but we also know how important it is for our brides to take a little time for some self-care. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite natural tips & remedies to have you feeling your most best and most beautiful self in mind, body & soul.

1. Stretch & move

We are not talking running a marathon, but moving our bodies is an excellent antidote to stress and a great way to connect with both our minds and bodies. Try a yoga or pilates class for health and physical benefits, its also a great way to socialise in a relaxed atmosphere. If you enjoy something more physical dance and boxing are great ways to release energies, and too feel empowered at the same time.

2. Lavender

Lavender is one of our essentials, we love it for its smell, floristry beauty but also for its health qualities. A few drops of lavender oil in a bath or spritzed on you pillow can help lull you into a calm state and a deeper sleep, meaning you wake up feeling more invigorated and smelling heavenly too. Lavender is known to have excellent properties for skin and as a tea with honey is also delicious.

3. Embrace green

Perhaps we are bias, for we are surrounded by so much beautiful nature and greenery in Lisbon. From city rooftop gardens, botanical greenhouses, parks, nature reserves and beautiful coastlines we absorb nature on a daily basis. Incorporating green time into your routine is a wonderful way to de-stress and visually awaken your senses. Take 20 minutes to sit in nature, we promise you won’t regret it.

4. Glow inside

We all love to glow. Radiance is something we believe begins from within and shines out of us. Feeling content and positive on the inside is key to feeling great on the outside. One of the best ways to glow from within is through food. Now we certainly believe in everything in moderation & happiness, so wine and chocolate is never off the cards. We recommend a focus on fresh and wholesome foods, plenty of colour in palette, healthy fats and hydration.
Of course if we are talking antioxidants, then add in some good-quality chocolate and shine away.

5. Glow outside

Skin care is almost always an incredibly personal routine, with everyone having a little niche or trick. Our trick is focusing on natural products and a motto that less is more when it comes to skin. Our top recommendations for a self-care session would be to focus on organic and scentless and homemade products. A DIY coffee scrub, an essential oil facial we recommend lemon balm, rosemary and lavender herb oils mixed with warm water for the best scents and results. Or for a hydrating face mask try a simple oat recipe using oats, honey and yogurt. Beneficial, cost-effective and fun.

6. Journal

Keeping a visual diary is not only wonderful when it comes to reflecting on you pre-marital thoughts and processes, but is also an incredibly useful way to help maintain or improve ones presence and mindfulness. Especially during a time your (and our) minds, often go wandering a million miles per hour to colour palettes, cakes, and who not to sit with who. Buying yourself a small notebook to dot down ideas & feelings can be a very intimate and beneficial form of self-care. What’s special is looking back over and revisiting old memories.

7. Podcasts & Playlists

Whether you are a single-tasker or a multi-tasker, a sitter or a doer. Podcasts & Playlists are an excellent way to take time to learn and stimulate your mind, whether sitting with a tea or commuting to work, either way, you can learn and grow with something new, and a variety of topics for a world of interests. We love curating playlists here for ourselves and clients, discussing music and creating soundscapes to fit a spectrum of moods and styles. From slow and romantic tracks, to upbeat techno, disco and classics. We feel the music in our bones, & love to express ourselves and discover new artists and music. Communicating with yourself & others through sound can be a great way to release a host of feelings and get creative.

8. Tea

Find a tea & stick to it. No, not literally but seriously, do find a soothing warm drink you enjoy. A nighttime routine that incorporates a warm beverage & five minutes of alone time with yourself, can be sincerely powerful in the hectic life of a bride-to-be or for humans in general. The simple pleasure of curling up with a tea you enjoy, and please, by all means, try them all and find your favorite one, or two or five. Take time to have a cup of tea and a catch up with yourself, and love that time.

9. Talk

Introvert or extrovert in character, nothing can unlock deeper feelings than an open discussion with a close one. Whether a quick call or a deep conversation with a good friend, sharing can do wonders to a flustered bride. Even if you are the ‘Listener’ in the conversation, dialogue is a key way to feeling calmer and supported. Knowing you can share or receive thoughts with meaning can bring only good feelings and doings for any bride.

10. Sleep

The most simple magical potion to feeling good? Sleep. Yet it is often the most unattainable. We fully understand this, late nights & early mornings, planning, actions and decisions means that sleep isn’t always a priority. Regardless, when it is we often aren’t healed from our busy schedules to rest in a meaningful way. The above tips are designed to lull your sense of serenity, equipping your mind & body with the recipes to rest. Essential oil baths, movement of the body, time outdoors and good nutrition, are all designed to relax our stimulated minds. Leave coffee alone in the later hours, and endless phone scrolling is a no-go. For a rested soul, prioritize rather some new reading material, or a podcast instead. Restless brides no more.

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