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Unique Venues
Portugal is a big surprise that you unwrap and explore day-by-day. Each city has its own churches, palaces and monuments, dating back to the 12th century which take your breath away. In the very heart of Lisbon, you can find churches like St. Catarina, in Chiado, where you can celebrate your wedding to the sound of a 18th century’s organ.
As Lisbonners, no palace, beach, or any lost farm in the middle of the woods, is a secret to us. Besides, you can also enjoy one of our two exclusive venues that you won’t find elsewhere: a countryside family farm, one hour away from central Lisbon, or a downtown industrial sight, with a unique vibe for your event. We take you to the place you’ve imagined in your mind but haven’t seen yet.
By the Sea
In little towns like Cascais, located just 30 minutes west of Lisbon. This is an excellent escape for those looking for salty breeze air. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of our endless coast and embrace the most delightful warm weather that embellish this special place.
Palaca Romance
Yes, that long dream to host your own event inside a magnificent palace can come true! In our portfolio of venues, we have several palaces options, located either in Lisbon or just outside of it. An event in a palace is not only monarchical but can also be your reality!
Fresh Breathing
Our unique countryside venue located under 2 hours from Lisbon is a dreamy escape for people looking for outdoor space! Our house has 14 bedrooms allowing up to 30 people to sleep over.
City Heart
Aside from access to Lisbon’s most requested venues we also manage, exclusively, the warehouse-chic LX factory. This venue is perfect for people looking to create more modern events as the space’s old industrial vibe gives that necessary edge.